■Terms of Use

[The General]
  1. Cha-Cha/webmaster owns all copyrights of the graphics of Ju-goya.
  2. Alterations: No specific inhibition
  3. Redistribution: Prohibited
[Uses on Web]
  • Distribution of your own site's Banners is permitted.

  • Using my graphics on your personal E-Mails is permitted. If you note Ju-goya's credit on them, I would be delighted.

  • Limiting to non-profitable purposes, image synthesis of illustrations of your own making and my graphics is permitted only by noting Ju-goya's credit on them.

  • My permission is necessary before Stationery distribution.

  • My permission is preliminarily necessary for combination of other site's graphics and mine to create Stationery or FLASH. (No permission is needed for the combination with graphics provided by the sites listed on Ju-goya's links.)

  • Professional web designers/creators should not use my graphics. In like wise, you should not order them to use my graphics.

  • My graphics should not be used in paid PC classes.

  • Do not contribute your work used my graphics.

  • The web sites with mental abuses, pornography, nude bodies of no academic value, of match making or online dating should not use my graphics.

  • Any other site I judge inadequate should not use my graphics.

  • Business oriented sites need to link back to Ju-goya.

  • All sites making profits directly or indirectly are considered to be business-oriented sites.

  • This applies to the pages for publicity by drama groups, shops and affiliate.

  • Be sure to inform me of URL of those sites before using my graphics.
  • Personal greeting cards, business cards and non-profitable brochures relevant to your hobbies need Ju-goya's credit.

  • It is strictly prohibited to print my graphics on flysheets or menus for sales promotion purposes by shops or by companies. If I become aware of unauthorized use of my graphics, those uses may be charged a high amount of usage fee.

  • My graphics should not be printed on Fanzines for sale.

  • Since my graphics are created as web graphics, image quality may not be satisfactory on printed materials.

  • If any question, please do not hesitate to inquire to Ju-goya by E-Mail.

  • Some inquires if paid use on business is possible. But Ju-goya's graphics should not be used for any business purposes both of web and printing. If I become aware of unauthorized use or remarkably similar graphics to mine, I may charge a high amount of usage fee from such uses or creators.
  • I do not bear responsibility for any cost or damages caused by my graphics.
  • Users are to agree with this non-responsibility clause upon using my graphics.


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